Baby Jogger City Select 2014 Australian Model

The Baby Jogger City Select is by far the most versatile pram/stroller on the market.  It offers a balance of comfort for both the child and the parents.  It is the ideal prams for the first child with the ability to easily expand to cater for 2 child’s.

As a single seat prams, it is a fully size pram.  Kind of large for most people.  However, large has it’s benefits, it does offer more comfort for the child and the large rear wheels does make it easy to push.  However, folding is done in 2 steps.  The seat can easily be take recline, reversed or take off for folding.  To fold the frame, you simply lift the side.  I wish all the prams were design this way!  The company will say you can fold it with the seat on, but I really can’t see the benefit in carry the extra weight.  The combined weight of the frame and seat is 12.5kg.  Heavy compared to smaller strollers, but this is a a good solid pram with a huge shopping basket and the extra weight is most likely designed for the purpose of carry the second seat.


Baby Jogger City Select


There are 16 seating combinations for the Baby Jogger City Select.  You won’t use all configurations, however, it would be ideal for twins or childerns with different ages.  You can have a capsule, bassinet or any seating configuration as you need.  Each seat has a capacity of 20kg.  That is a pretty huge baby!  The seat has multiple recline positions suitable for newborns to 20kg which is above 4 years or older.

A notable feature of the 2014 model in Australia is the SPF 50+ canopy.  It won’t cover their legs, but at least the head and face is well protected from the Australian sun.

The Baby Jogger City Select retails at $949 for a single seat and $1220 for 2 seats.  The ideal pram for the growing family and offering a peace of mind purchasing with the life time warranty on the frame.

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ISOFIX Car Restraints for Australia

The ISOFIX car restraint system has been approved for Australia.  From June 2013 car restraints may be sold and fitted with ISOFIX fittings.  Just a note of caution, you can’t buy a ISOFIX car restraint from overseas and fit in your vehicle.  Only child restraints that comply with the Australian/New Zealand Standard for child restraints are legal for use in Australia.

The ISOFIX fitting system is just an alternative to the current fitting method.  It was not introduced as a safety concern to the current seat belt fitting method.

ISOFIX compatible child restraints will have connectors which attach to ISOFIX anchors in those vehicles that have ISOFIX anchors. The child restraint also has a top tether strap which must be used.

To maintain Australia’s stringent safety standards, we are the only country in the world which requires side impact testing and the use of a top tether strap on all ISOFIX compatible car restraint.

As the ISOFIX system has been available for over 10 years in the overseas markets, so it is not uncommon to have this fitting already on new vehicles.

Child Passenger Safety! Dont you think its important? -1393262

The ISOFIX will make it easier for DIY fittings.  As it is very common for parents to incorrectly fit using the current latch methods.  However, you are still required to use the top tether latch in Australia.  Regardless of the installation method, it is still the responsibility of the parents to ensure the car restraint is properly fitted.

Child Passenger Safety! Dont you think its important? -1393261

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Alimrose Monkey Musical and Koala Musical Soft Toy

It’s hard to get excited about a soft toy.  But, when we saw these we felt like little kids again.

It’s beautiful and soft and made with quality fabrics.  It’s simple yet sophisticated and surely puts this Alimrose brand in the designer grade for baby gifts and toys.

Pull the musical cord and the Koala will play a soft tune for ‘Waltzing Matilda’.  The Monkey plays the Beatles ‘Let It Be’ to great perfection.  The workmanship is second to none and the quality of the music box appears to be more durable than others found in other brands.

It’s a good size at 25cm for the Koala and 35cm for the Monkey.  Easy for little hands to hold and the musical will be enjoyed and loved.

The Alimrose Koala and Monkey Musical soft toy retails for $37.  A perfect gift for any child.



Alimrose Monkey Musical in Grey Stripe

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Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance

If elegance is what you are after, then you can’t miss out on the Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance.  It is surely a combination of contemporary design with the elegance and style of it’s British heritage.

It is no secret the British Royal family has strong connections to this brand for over 100 years.  Every generation of the Royal family has been in one of these great baby carriages since it was established in 1877.  Kate Middleton has been seen pushing Prince George in a Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance.

The prams weights 12kg which is reasonable considering this is a full size pram and it has the ability to convert from a bassinet to normal seating positions.  The seat has 3 recline positions.  The chassis is made from chrome and looks absolutely stunning.  The prams is best folded in 2 pieces.  That is, take off the bassinet/seat and then fold the chassis.  You may think this is cumbersome, but why would you want to lift 12kg?

The bassinet is used from newborn to approximately 6 months.  After this time, the baby would want to sit up and see the world.  It is a full size bassinet and I can see parent using this inside their homes too.  It is flat and very comfortable and well padded.

Converting the bassinet to a seat is actually really easy.  If you follow the instructions.  We didn’t at first and it took us 15 minutes to do the conversion.  Doing it the right way took just 1 minute!  In a seat configuration, there is 3 recline positions and the seat can be forward facing or rearward facing.  The seat is wide and the canopy is high for a growing child.

Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance Navy


Silver Cross Sleep Over Elegance Pushchair Cream / Black

Silver Cross Sleep Over Elegance Side View Cream / Black

The built and workmanship can easily been felt on first push.  The finish is refined and great attentions to detail can be seen even in the photos.  The air pumped tyres and adjustable handle makes for easy strolling in the parks and malls.  The suspension would be one factor that set this prams apart from the others on the market.  The suspension is not built near the wheel like other prams, but incorporated into the chassis.  It gives great comfort to the baby as well as the person pushing the pram.

It does not turn!  The wheels are fixed.  For the purpose of design, they has chosen not to put in swivel front wheels.  It’s not an issue when pushing in the park, on the streets or in large open malls.  May be a little annoying in busy and tight shopping malls.  Every pram has it’s purpose and when used correctly you will never see the down sides.  Would you drive a Rolls Royce or Bentley to the drive-thru?

The Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance retails for $1249 and it is available in 2 styles Navy or Cream for the Australian market.


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